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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"O you who believe! Be careful of (your duty to) Allah and be with the true ones." (9:119-Quran)

When I was studying in Pakistan, I used to travel a lot between Jhelum and Lahore. Jhelum being my home and Lahore where was my University. Almost every Saturday I used to take train back to Jhelum and next day back to Lahore. So in My 5 years I have traveled a lot and had a lot of different experiences. Ok to understand the story, i am about to tell, you need to know two things, first Procedure to get a seat in AC lower compartment of the train from Jhelum and Second is checklist of the ‘Madni’ Brothers with green turbans.

As Jhelum is a small city so they don’t reserve seats from there, they just issue open tickets if u get seat by chance in economy you should consider your self the luckiest man alive, other wise you just need to stand and pray through out the journey, that some one give you seat. But yes with money there is another option, that one buys open economy ticket and than look for an empty seat in AC and if yes than get the ticket checker in the train to upgrade your ticket for some extra charge. Most of the time I used to get seat in AC Lower compartment.

Now let me tell you about sweet Madni brothers and their checklist Madni Brothers is a n organization of Muslims belonging to the "Brailvi" Sect. They can be easily identified by their peculiar White shalwar kameez and green turbans. Every person carries a checklist which they check on daily basis and includes things to do and not to do e.g. did they lie today, or did they eat in a clay utensil e.t.c , so that by the end of every week they can do their self analysis.

Now you know the procedure and Madni brothers let me begin with my story. Like always I entered an AC Lower compartment of train hoping to upgrade my ticket. so i started looking for the empty seat. It was crowded but I found an elderly women occpying two seat out of three and one being used by his husband and Other three seats next to them by her son(who was a madni bhai), his wife and a 6, 7 year old son . by experience i knew they have booked 5 seats and are using six . so i asked the madni bhai polietly if there is a seat vacant and he replied in a not so polite way that "NO WE HAVE RESERVED SIX SEATS". I knew he was lying so i waited there for the gaurd to come and i happened to know they have reserved only 5 seats and as his mother was using the extra seat so he has to make his kid sit in his lap for the rest of the journey. I paid my extra charges and got the seat. during the whole trip he stayed pissed at me. Even i thanked him (for no reason other than to be polite)for giving me the seat which didnt even belong to him. And in reply he made a very angry expression and turned his face on the other side. He wasnt even willing to talk to me.

My problem with this whole situation is that these madni group of people they claim to be so religious that they even sleep on the floor and eat in clay pots just like our prophet did but they simply failed to implement the important aspects of being a muslim in to their life. For this particular guy i met wearing a green turban is a must but lying for his benefit is not an issue. I mean what is the purpose of his check list, if that check list doesnt include not to lie even on a short scale. I am hundred percent sure that he didnot even realized that when he said "NO WE HAVE RESERVED SIX SEATS" he defied the very basic quality(honesty) of our prophet which he should work on to implement in him self rather than implementing the daily routine life of early 6th century. We need to put morew effort toward eradicating these minor sins from our life because Later on we will get immune and this small scale lying and dishonesty will become part of our life and we will consider it normal.