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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Modern Wars

War, Victory, Expanding territories, Dominate, Rule all the lands, War Booty what these words mean to you in today’s world?

How to define these words? Has the definition still the same, may be literally, but what about in terms of tools, means and strategies.

Until few centuries ago, a war was a fight between Armies of two nation one defending and other attacking at the borders, with intentions of a chance to expand territory, dominate cultural aspects and rule the land of the losing nation.   And also to take over their wealth, diminish their culture and religion, create policies that they go way back into past in terms of development, un arming the nation so that they wont rise again, And slaughter whomever they want (mostly leaders and educated class so that they cant find a guidance to unite and prosper as a nation again).

The tools were swords, axes and man muscle  and strategy was simply take other down with force and power in a combat where a person riding an elephant with great muscle and a strong spear may win over a man on a horse with a sword. Those wars were easy to fight and strategies were quite simple. Muslims, in those times, had the power of their faith and desire of Shahdat to boost their Moral, giving an extra edge over the enemy.

Well this is 2011 the intentions and motivation behind war are still the same but what about the means. Our so called Jihadist group, Ulemas and Shaikhs are still stuck at the very thought of fighting the war same as in medieval times, just replacing swords with AK-47.

But times have changed, Just consider a below picture;

That’s a very small stall of Star bucks right outside Masjid-e-Nabvi (Prophet’s Mosque). This small stall is more effective than an army of 10 thousands. How  ?

Well first, we need to know that this territory is a Muslim only territory. In this region, non-Muslims are prohibited. Saudi Arabia has applied this rule strictly.  OK lets think for a second why would a non-Muslim would like to enter Medina. May be for trade, influence locals or may be prove their superiority.

Well a small star buck stall is enough for that.
Let us check some facts, ‘Starbucks’ is owned by Howard Schultz, an American Jew. In 1998, Schultz was awarded the "Israel 50th Anniversary Tribute Award" from the Jerusalem Fund of Aish Ha-Torah for "playing a key role in promoting a close alliance between the United States and Israel",also for his service and handsome donations it made for the Israeli establishment. 

Now Let us see how this small stall is affecting Muslims of the whole world (as Muslims from all over the world visit Medina):

  1. It is influencing the culture of Muslims for example, making them believe, a cappuccino is much better than their local drinks and tea.
  2. Money earned any where in the Muslim world is invested into an organization that gives a part of its profit to Israel establishment. Thus, your money is invested in-directly in Israeli establishment.

Now if you analyze, what I have mentioned above, the Non Muslims (who are not allowed to enter Medina) have achieved all their goals without even stepping a foot on Medina soil. Now imagine what affect does Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy(regarding not accepting Israeli establishment) has, when Money of Muslim(from all over the world) is being invested in Israel. Along with bonus of influencing Muslim cultures.

These are the new ways of winning a war, which, unfortunately our Muslim leaders fail to understand. To win a war now we need to focus on long term plans/strategy and need to replace AK 47 with high class education/research labs. In today's time weapons can only be used for destruction and not achieving the actual goals of War.