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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hajj 2010

By the grace of god i am going for Hajj this year. Pilgrims from all over the world have started to arrive in Makkah. Please enjoy pictures below taken recently in Makkah. The crowd is huge and the people in the crowd are from different backgrounds and countries. I will do detail articles about my experience in Makkah (before Hajj), Madina and Hajj. So keep on visiting my blog for the detailed coverage but for now check out the pictures below:

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Sacred Mount –(Text & Photos by Suhail Yusuf)

Jable Noor-ul-Quran is located on Brewery Road near Western Bypass, Quetta-Pakistan. This is no ordinary mountain, it is a place where old and unreadable copies of Holy Quran are preserved inside man-made tunnels. The site was established privately 1992, and currently has four blocks or tunnels, an estimated 3.5 km long, which holds almost 400,000, old and rare, copies of the Holy Quran
The tunnels in Jable Noor-ul-Quran can store up to a million copies of Holy Quran collected from across Pakistan.
The unreadable copies of Islam’s holy book are put in clean bags and stored inside tunnels. And the readable yet slightly damaged copies are fixed and sent to needy people and religious schools. More than one hundred thousand copies have been distributed, so far.
Jable Noor-ul-Quran is located at highly seismic Chiltan fault, an area prone to earthquake tremors, but amazingly there have been no accidents and or physical damage to the tunnels.
The Holy Quran has been translated into many different languages from across the world. In this photo, translations in Gujrati, Russian, and English are shown here.
There are large copies as well as travel-size copies of the Holy Quran on display inside the tunnels of Jable Noor-ul-Quran.
(This is something truly amazing as this is a very nice example of showing your love and affection toward Islam. We should spend our time on activities like this rather than hating and criticizing others. I found these caves to be really fascinating and think they should be converted into something like a museum- awaken)