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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

“The fact is that Allah causes whomsoever He will to fall into error and shows the Right Way to whomsoever He will”- Surah Al Fatir 35:8

A short story by Hamza Shafique
Edited by Adeena Mirza

Chapter 1 : Sun Light

My head was spinning; my eyes felt a little heavy. I felt like, I am waking up from a sleep of 16 hours.

Where was I?

As soon as I opened my eyes, the light came piercing so strong that my reflexes came in to action and my eye lids closed again. I moved my hand to cover my eyes but something was holding my hand back. I opened my eyes slowly this time, gave my eyes a little time to adjust with the light, which I realized was sun light coming from the front window.

But where was I?

I was in a hospital; the surrounding seemed like a private ward, a needle in my arm attached to drip and a nurse standing by checking some thing on a board in her hand.

Yeah right what a perfect place to put a patient, direct under the sunlight. And on top of that assign a middle aged fat nurse, so that she can block all the Air from the AC.

I have always hated people with no esthetics and sense, I wanted to say some thing but felt so weak. “Why you are blocking my Air and yes I would like to know why am I here” I said in normal voice but it came out as a whisper only. The Fat nurse was still looking at the board in her hand, with a worried look on her face and I was surprise to see some sweat on her forehead knowing that she is enjoying direct cool air from the AC.

All of a sudden I remembered why I am in this small room.

Chapter 2: Flashback
“Hey Saba, whats up?” I said in my own signature tone.

“you seem excited , what is it” Saba replied on the other side of the Phone.

“There is something I really want you to see, come quick” I said jumping of the sofa and shifting my cell phone from one ear to other.

“Hey I hope it’s not that dog you got earlier which won’t stop barking” she replied in a sarcastic tone.

“Yeah, yeah you are really funny, come quick or wait I will come pick you up” I said while adjusting my hair in the mirror with my hand “In fact its better if I will come”.

“You are the most irritating fiancé one can ever have, I don’t know how I will survive with you” she replied in a fake irritating style,

I have always loved when she does that, off course I have to show her the brand new E 350 I just bought, as she will be the one riding with me on the front seat in future. Being an architect and owner of my own firm with client’s world wide has its own benefits.

“I have always been proud of my self, starting from scratch and in just three years had the countries leading architect firm” talking in front of mirror like giving some sort of an interview.

“Sherry get down now, the break fast is ready” I heard my mom down stair, screaming my name as she has always done.

I ran down, almost crossing three stairs at a time. At the breakfast table I saw my mom and sister already eating. I kissed my mom on the forehead, and stuck a tongue out at my sister – my usual morning greeting. Teasing her has been my favourite morning ritual. There was a time when that would result in a complaining session but now, I guess, she has made her peace with me.
“Mama I am going to Saba’s house” I said while drinking the glass of orange juice,

“Saba is lucky we are your blood relations and yet she is the first one to ride the Mercedes” My sister said in a teasing way.

“Don’t be jealous sis, she is your future Bhabhi (sister in law)” I stuck the tongue out again.

My sister just rolled the eyes and took a bite of her sandwich.

“Sherry beta did you offer Fajr, you are always awake at that time just pray before going for a jog it wont hurt” My mom’s much loved subject to start the day.

“Yeah Yeah, I will” I said leaving toward the car shed.

I parked my car in front of the flower shop and stepped out. The sudden scorching heat hit my face and I realized how hot it was. I remembered on the news, the weather forecaster had said it would be 50 C summer heat - breaking all previous records; on top of that hot and dry summer afternoon wind. I felt slightly dizzy but I just stretched face muscles and went to the flower stall.

“Can I have white roses? 12 in total please.” The heat wasn’t helping at all. My head was growing heavy and I felt my eyes closing, my lungs expanding to get some fresh air and then, before I could grasp anything - I was on the ground.
Chapter 3: Life
“Oh, you are awake now” the nurse looked at me and said softly, “Please don’t move, I Will call the doctor” and she turned, realizing that the sun is directly on me closed the curtains on the window.

“Wait” I said in a loud voice at least I thought I said it loudly but my voice still came out very low, my lips were dry and hard making it hard to talk, “Can you please untie my arm, I will keep it still”

“oh sorry , you were moving your arm, so we had to tie it so that the IV is not disturbed” she said while untying the Arm.

“What happened to me and how I ended up here, as last I remember, I was buying eh …. Flowers”

“I guess it’s better if doctor explains this to you” she said in a bit confused manner and left the room.

I put my arm straight on the bed, and adjusted my position, the room was very small but furniture was very neatly placed. The only problem was bed, but based on the room structure the current position was the best possible.

The doctor came in shortly, “How are you feeling now?” she said in a voice full of concern but with a smile on her face.

“I am fine, feeling a little tired and dehydrated” I replied, she was really pretty with curly long hair tall, clear skin with sparkle in her eyes and an assuring smile, exactly opposite of the nurse.

She stood there for a second, checked the same board the nurse was checking a moment ago. She got the same worried look and turned to me. “Ok, so you must be wondering how you ended up here?” she looked at me with questioning eyes. “An old man brought you here in your Mercedes. He paid for your expenses also and said that you were lying unconscious on the ground. As per some witnesses some teenager stole your wallet, cell phone and sunglasses.” She stopped for a while, dragged a seat closer to my bed and sat.

“Well, first we thought you had heat stroke. Suddenly moving out of an air-conditioned car to 50 C heat wave can cause this. But later, we noticed that your arm was moving on its own after certain intervals while you were unconscious , so we ran some test while you were asleep ” she again stopped. Her face had a look, like her next few words would change my life. “But before that, tell me, is there someone we should contact from your family?”

“Yeah I would like to call my mom” I said smiling, “She must be going crazy by now”

I gave my Home number to the nurse and she left the room.

“Ok what I am about to say is going to be hard for you, but you should know that you are in the best hands right now and we will do every thing to help you” she said softly but with a plain look

“Doc, you are scaring me now” I said forcing a smile on my face.

“While you were unconscious we ran some test” She paused for a moment as in thinking on how to word the next statement,” We found out that you have intracranial neoplasm in lay man terms brain tumor in last stage” she took another pause as if trying to see my reaction and started again in a confused manner,” Possible cause of your unconsciousness, the survival rate at this stage is really low” Another pause and then with a tinge of confidence, her voice growing louder now, ,” but you should know that I am the oncologist division head and I will make sure you get the best possible treatment”

“Is this is some kind of joke” I said again forcing a smile on my face, but my eyes were already giving away my cover.

“I will give you a moment alone and I will check if the nurse has called your mom.” She put the chair back in place and as she headed for the door, she said with a sympathetic smile “It’s going to be fine” and she left.
The room seemed a little darker now, everything seemed out of place, how come I have something serious like that, She must be joking this all must be some kind of prank, I will never talk to those behind this prank again in my Life. Life , if this all is true than I don’t have life remaining, low survival chance , How can God do this to me.

Life is so fragile.

I realized it now, I think she was serious, this all is not a joke, this IV attached to my veins is real, this bed, irritating sun light, these devices, that fat ugly nurse, that pretty doctor all of this is real, and here is one of the best architect with a leading firm is lying on the bed waiting for his death. Only yesterday I was excited about having a Mercedes and today I am suppose to write my will and plan how I should proceed with the treatment so that the end is less painful than it looks.

My mind got all crowded with, what will happen to all my Plans, my work, My mother, how will she ever be able to get over this, My sister , who will secure her future, college , how will she manage the affairs of the house. My savings are not enough everything is invested in the firm.

SABA, she will never be able to laugh again, she will never be able to live again. How can God do this to All of us,

How can God disturb so many lives?
This is too much to take. I pushed myself back in to the pillow, staring at the ceiling. It was plain white like my future. The smiling faces of all the people I loved came to my mind and a single drop of tear found its way out.
I asked myself again,

How can God do this to my life just like that?


Chapter 4: Why Not
The voice startled me. I looked around but there was no one. In fact, there was nothing around me - no furniture , no window , no walls , no medical devices, nothing. I checked my arm the needle was gone too . I realized I am under some sort of light in nothingness, how come this is possible? And where is this light coming from? I squinted and looked around. There it was. I had identified the source of light. It looked like a big round theater spotlight. My head felt heavier. I was trying to figure out what just happened and then I heard the same voice again.

“Why not?”

And suddenly another spot light turned on a few feet in front of me.

And there is this man, standing with his face down, a young man with golden colored hair and beard that gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He was dressed in a long white gown. He raised his head and looked in to my eyes.

His eyes blue, deep and clear. Perfect proportionate face with fair skin, as straight out of Da Vinci’s paintings.

He started moving and came to the right side of my bed and said in a very clear voice,“Give me one good reason why not, what makes you so special”

He continued “There are millions of people dying every day in accidents, bomb blasts, terrorist activities, collateral damage. They don’t even get time that you got”

I was in a shock; my mind was searching really hard to find a logical explanation for all this.

His pronunciation was perfect, his stress and pauses in his dialogues were amazing, and it was like I am watching a theatre performance. I felt like I am paralyzed, couldn’t move at all, just staring at the guy, who is by now seemed pleased with my reaction.


“I am used to of this kind of response but honestly, was not expecting such a reaction, from a young confident business man like you” he said in a pleased tone. He turned and started moving away from me, with it the surrounding started to change, I was on the same hospital bed but now the light was gone.

I was now surrounded by beautiful vegetation and in the near by I could see a beautiful water fall. It felt like I am in a mountain jungle, with loads of colorful flowers, butterflies and birds. It seemed like day time with clouds covering the sky.


This was too much now; my mind gave up all tries and hopes of finding a logical explanation, I was sure now that I have died and I am in heaven now.


“Not so quick my friend, you are not dead yet and this not heaven”


He sat on a near by rock, leaning back on a tree. A big, colorful butterfly was flying around him.


“you need to get out of this hospital robe” he said while looking at the butter fly flying by.


The next moment I was sitting on a very comfortable sofa wearing my favorite t-shirt and jeans.


Now I had to say some thing, and with out thinking I said, “Are you God”

And he burst in to Laughter,“I was expecting this question a long time ago, no I am not”

With a confused look I said, “Then, who are you?”

“I am your inner good; some may call me inner conscious other may regard me as soul”

He stood up, now holding a walking stick, while standing, he pushed all his weight on the stick and asked me again, “so why not you, what makes you so special?”

“I have so many responsibilities, my mother, Sister…….Saba” I stressed on Saba and he smiled like he already knew I was going to do that.

“They will live…”

“No” I cut him there “they will never be able to live with out me”

“Hmmmm, ok let me take you 2 months after your death and lets see what’s happening in their life”


Chapter 5: Family
And before I could say or do anything, I was in my own bedroom.

My Mom was there, sitting on my bed, holding a picture of mine in her hand, leaning on the bed side, eyes closed and a tear drop coming down her eye.

I was about to call her..

“Don’t waste your energy calling her, she will not hear you” he said with a firm look. “Just watch”

I noticed all of my things were removed from the room, the only thing same was the main furniture rest of the stuff was gone.

“Mama, you are again in this room” My sister came in the room, “you need to stop doing this” she said with a concerned look.

“How can I forget him, he was my only son” her voice became heavy and tears started slipping through her eyes.

“You see I told you she will never be ok” I wanted to just go and hold my mom and tell her, that I am ok , I am here.

“I don’t like this part either” he said like he read my mind “But wait a few more moments”

“You need to move on in life” my sister demanded. “I am managing this house, his firm and taking care of all the affairs, and to do this I need strength. Mama, I want you to be my strength” she requested. “He was my brother too, I miss him exactly the same”
“I am his mother, you don’t know how hard it is for me” voice still heavy.

“You are my mother too. You need to be my strength. It shatters my confidence and makes me weak when I see you crying like that. I want you to move on...for me, for us…. for our future. If you will keep crying over him, it’s not going to work.”

I saw my mom gather her strength as she wiped her own tears and said, “I will try my best”

My sister sat next to her and hugged her. “I will get this furniture removed too, and we will go out some where else for a while”

“Whatever you want my child, I don’t want to increase your misery and make your job even harder” my mother surrendered “I promise I will not cry again over him” she said that while sliding her hand over my picture. She put my picture on the side table face down. My sister holding my mother from shoulder guided her out of the room, at the door my mother turned gave a last look at the room like saying good bye and my sister closed the door and I heard the room getting locked.


“Thank God it’s over” he said with a sigh “very emotional but still, they will soon start their own life and it will be like you never existed before”


Chapter 6: Love
I was standing there as the realization hit me, he is right, no one will stop living, they will find their own way and means to support, live and move on. Saba, my mind was keep telling me Saba will never be able to get over me we have 6 years of history, she will be severely depressed. She can even commit suicide.

“Are you crazy? She won’t” Again he read my mind,“Let me get this thing out of your head too, but for this we need to see this in fast forward because of time constraint” He smiled jokingly as he waited for me to acknowledge the hidden meaning.
The very next moment I was in a theater hall, all the chairs empty except the two on which we were sitting. And right there on the screen it was Saba, crying, sitting right next a huge portrait of mine.

“This is going to be interesting”, He said with a smirk.

Next moment on the screen I could see the Living room of Saba, with Saba and her parents having tea. Saba looked different; her beautiful eyes lacked the usual mischievous spark and were instead covered in dark circles as if some one painted them on her. She looked pale as if some one has drained life out of her. Yet she looked extra ordinary and it reminded me how much I adore her.
“So what have you decided then?” her father asked with a hint of impatience, as if he has waited enough for her answer.

“I can’t see you like this, Beta, Life is like this” Her mother as she stroked her hair. "Here are the tickets /Passport and all the arrangements have been done , you are going “

She sat motionless without uttering a single word, like some one in deep thoughts.


Scene change


She was in a plane now,

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned off the Fasten Seat Belt sign, and you may now move around the cabin. However we always recommend to keep your seat belt fastened while you’re seated” the speaker announced
She looked upward as if to ensure the sign was off, and unfastening the seat belt, from her purse under the front seat, she pulled out an envelope and a box. She opened the envelope and there was a card inside. She stared at the picture on the card it was a green field with blue sky and sun rays emerging from the center. The cover said, ‘New Beginnings’.

She opened the card and inside was the letter,

Thank you for not opening the card and gift box earlier. Understanding your state of mind and knowing exactly what you are going through. I thought its better if I pen it down. Will definitely save both of us from embarrassment if things get to that. Your parents did not send you to Dubai for Sight-seeing only. They wanted us to meet and get to know each other.

There was a time when I use to think I cannot live without Mahira, without her my life would simply seize to exist. But it did not, it continued with the same flow.

Life is too short and doesn’t pause, neither should we."

“Hey mister that’s my girl , stay away” I shouted , Jealousy and helplessness both echoed through the theater with my voice.

She closed the card and looked at the box, as if she knew what was inside. She untied the light purple ribbon and opened it. Her face lightened with surpise as if she was wrong about the content of the box and she was happy she was.

Inside was a very pretty peacock pin (broche) with a small note that said

I know I cannot be someone but I would request your time to see if I can be your someone

Scene Change

Text appeared on screen saying “2 years later”

She was sitting in front of her dresser. A bride looking at her self in the mirror as if re assuring everything to perfection.

Somebody knocked on the door and a shrill voice came through. ”Saba, how long do you need? Everyone is waiting.”
She opened the drawer and there was his picture in a tiny frame.She took the frame in her hand, gave it an expression less look her straight face whispered, “Goodbye.” And she put the frame back in to the drawer, but this time face-down.

Screen went blank


“Such a great movie” He said and turned his face toward “Is there any one else you think whose life will end with you leaving the world”

Chapter 7: Finale
I went blank; my mind just couldn’t think about anyone or anything any more.
“Let’s get to the finale shall we” He said with stress on each word while supporting an evil grin.

Inside my mind a battle started I couldn’t make sense of any thing now, I couldn’t focus on what he was saying. So many questions......... Every thing I felt important was not important at all. What is important then?


“You know exactly what is important” He said, again reading my mind “Your mom reminded you every day”

“What is important? “ I asked.

“Any way you knew exactly what was important and yet you ignored it hope you are ready for the finale”

He grabbed my arm and everything around me started to spin fast and next moment we were standing on a cliff. I was on the edge of it, I looked down and found fire every where, I started to feel the heat and my forehead started to sweat.


And that very moment I realized what was important.

“Sherry did you offer Fajr, you are always awake at that time just pray before going for a jog it wont hurt” My mom’s melodious vice echoed in my ear.


“So naïve of you, you have not prepared, as expected wrong priorities.” He said in a very clerical tone while going through the book in his hand.


“There is absolutely nothing can we do to save you, have a great fall” and with that he handed me the book and pushed me from the edge.


I started falling down head first the heat became immense. I could here my own scream echoing far off from me. The light from flames got brighter and brighter, The very next momnet.


Sun Light:

My head was spinning; my eyes felt a little heavy. It felt like I am waking up from a sleep of 16 hours. As soon as I opened my eyes the light came piercing so strong that my reflexes came in to action and my eye lids closed again. I moved my hand to cover my eyes but something was holding my hand back. I opened my eyes slowly this time, gave my eyes a little time to adjust with the light, which I realized was sun light coming from the front window.

Dream, Thank God Dream it was, I thought to my self.

I got discharged from hospital the same day, I had minor heat stoke and that’s it.

While waiting outside the hospital waiting for my mom to pick me up a taxi stopped in front me.

“Where do you want to go?” Taxi driver asked

The Same moment nearby Masjid Speaker roared, “Allah O Akbar “

And I told my self, I know exactly where I have always needed to go.


“The fact is that Allah causes whomsoever He will to fall into error and shows the Right Way to whomsoever He will”

Surah Al Fatir 35:8

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Modern Wars

War, Victory, Expanding territories, Dominate, Rule all the lands, War Booty what these words mean to you in today’s world?

How to define these words? Has the definition still the same, may be literally, but what about in terms of tools, means and strategies.

Until few centuries ago, a war was a fight between Armies of two nation one defending and other attacking at the borders, with intentions of a chance to expand territory, dominate cultural aspects and rule the land of the losing nation.   And also to take over their wealth, diminish their culture and religion, create policies that they go way back into past in terms of development, un arming the nation so that they wont rise again, And slaughter whomever they want (mostly leaders and educated class so that they cant find a guidance to unite and prosper as a nation again).

The tools were swords, axes and man muscle  and strategy was simply take other down with force and power in a combat where a person riding an elephant with great muscle and a strong spear may win over a man on a horse with a sword. Those wars were easy to fight and strategies were quite simple. Muslims, in those times, had the power of their faith and desire of Shahdat to boost their Moral, giving an extra edge over the enemy.

Well this is 2011 the intentions and motivation behind war are still the same but what about the means. Our so called Jihadist group, Ulemas and Shaikhs are still stuck at the very thought of fighting the war same as in medieval times, just replacing swords with AK-47.

But times have changed, Just consider a below picture;

That’s a very small stall of Star bucks right outside Masjid-e-Nabvi (Prophet’s Mosque). This small stall is more effective than an army of 10 thousands. How  ?

Well first, we need to know that this territory is a Muslim only territory. In this region, non-Muslims are prohibited. Saudi Arabia has applied this rule strictly.  OK lets think for a second why would a non-Muslim would like to enter Medina. May be for trade, influence locals or may be prove their superiority.

Well a small star buck stall is enough for that.
Let us check some facts, ‘Starbucks’ is owned by Howard Schultz, an American Jew. In 1998, Schultz was awarded the "Israel 50th Anniversary Tribute Award" from the Jerusalem Fund of Aish Ha-Torah for "playing a key role in promoting a close alliance between the United States and Israel",also for his service and handsome donations it made for the Israeli establishment. 

Now Let us see how this small stall is affecting Muslims of the whole world (as Muslims from all over the world visit Medina):

  1. It is influencing the culture of Muslims for example, making them believe, a cappuccino is much better than their local drinks and tea.
  2. Money earned any where in the Muslim world is invested into an organization that gives a part of its profit to Israel establishment. Thus, your money is invested in-directly in Israeli establishment.

Now if you analyze, what I have mentioned above, the Non Muslims (who are not allowed to enter Medina) have achieved all their goals without even stepping a foot on Medina soil. Now imagine what affect does Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy(regarding not accepting Israeli establishment) has, when Money of Muslim(from all over the world) is being invested in Israel. Along with bonus of influencing Muslim cultures.

These are the new ways of winning a war, which, unfortunately our Muslim leaders fail to understand. To win a war now we need to focus on long term plans/strategy and need to replace AK 47 with high class education/research labs. In today's time weapons can only be used for destruction and not achieving the actual goals of War.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama or Obama

Osama’s Dead…….

What does that mean to us being a Muslim?
Every one since 2 days has the same discussion, some say it’s a hoax, some say its Obama’s strategy for upcoming election, and some say it’s true, for some it was ISI hiding him. It’s big news especially for

Americans and Pakistani, but being a Muslim what does this news mean?

Should I be happy, sad or simply ignore it.

 It’s a very grey domain especially for me because being a Muslim when I turn to Islamic scholars I get no

President Obama and his team

proper guidance, for Ulemas and Sheikhs sponsored by government he was a terrorist, a figure that tarnished the image of Islam, some one who interpreted the Hadiths wrongly, and used Quranic ayats for his own benefits. But then when you turn to Anti-Government and Anti-West Ulemas, he was a holy warrior, the true leader of Muslims, he was the true representative of Muslims who are suffering in the world like Palestine, Kashmir e.t.c.

Both parties use Islamic references Hadiths, Ayats, Stories of Sahabas and early Islamic leaders and warriors.

If Islam is a true religion and is for all the time and worlds, no matter how modern or backward the era gets, then why do we have these contradictions.

Where is the problem?

Why can’t I decide to be Happy, Sad or even ignore it?

Because, if I will be happy, that would mean the victory of western media, ideology and victory of the concept that what ever they say is true , what ever the western media is injecting into our minds is true and we should believe it with a close eye. Why I think that is because he was never trialed, prosecuted and he denied planning it several times. Watching movies like loose change and Fahrenheit 9/11 makes me believe that it’s an inside Job.

People celeberating Death of Osama in U.S.A

If I will be sad over his assassination then I feel like betraying millions of innocent lives (whether they were Christians or Muslims) that were lost during these 10 years. Also it would mean that I approve of his ways or methodologies to fight a war. There are so many practices associated with him that I simply cannot approve or accept in my life.

Or if I will ignore it, my inner self will not be at ease, thinking that I am a fool who is not aware of the tricks being played on him, for example, there is a possibility that he was CIA trained Agent who was assigned this task to create such circumstances to control Pakistani politics and nuclear assets, as Israel consider any strong, armed Muslim state to be a threat. America has played the same strategy with Russia and has used CIA trained Osama; America could use him again against Pakistan. But again these are all theories. No proof just theories of minds. Some people see glass half full, some see it half empty.

What is this confusion doing to Muslim world?

This confusion is causing Muslims to divide, Now Muslim world is divided into three groups, happy, sad and don’t care.

Now what will happen (which is the most dangerous out come of this confusion) is that these groups will try to fight with each other with all possible means they have, to impose and prove their ideology? You will see more talk shows with in intelligent educated groups, more suicide bombing and killing of innocent Muslims with in, already fragile, Muslim countries, and more protests. Intense increase in differences with in different sects of Islam, who are already fighting and are away from each other, in one way or the other.

And every Muslim is supposed to look up to Islam for an answer, as Islam is a religion for every time, era and situation.  Islam does guide us as mentioned in the below Quranic verse.

“And hold tight to the rope of Allah and divide not,” [Ale-Imran: 103],

No matter what the situation is, no matter how confuse you are. You should always remember one

Circled Red is young Osama Bin Laden in U.S.A
thing we all are Muslims, no matter what our sect, race, country and culture is, we must never go against our other Muslim brother. We always have to stay united. And Muslim Uma should never let any external force, to apply “divide and conquer” rule on us.

And in this time of confusion, I appeal to all Muslims Ulemas, sheikhs and people with influence, no matter you are anti government, pro government, moderate , Happy, Sad or don’t Care, to focus on and preach the unity among Muslims and try not to divide them in any way or sense.

And only time (or Wikileak J ) will tell, in future whether we should be happy, sad or just ignore it.


Monday, November 29, 2010

The Holy Pigeons

"Kabooter chowk(Pigeon roundabout) "  as my aunt from Pakistan would describe it was a small road junction with approximately 100 to 200 pigeons enjoying free food and water from Pilgrims(considering feeding pigeons a way to earn blessings or sawab) on her way to  Masjid-Haram. Pilgrims mostly from asia would buy pigeon feed which is mainly raw wheat from african ladies at the spot. I guess the food on the ground was enough for thousands of pigeons. Any way i dont have any trouble with Innocent hardly literate Pilgrims from remote villages of third world countries feeding pigeons, infact i am happy atleast some animal is getting humane treatment.

Before Hajj i visited my aunt in Makkah and on my way to Masjid-Haram from her hotel, I noticed a young woman may be in her late twenties at the same spot looking for something in the wheat grains(pigeon feed) on the ground. Soon i heard an irritated and a bit angry voice of a man,"hey everyones watching, what are you doing? lets go"  . I assumed him to be his husband who was more worried about everyones watching rather than what she was doing.

After Hajj I visited my aunt again in Makkah but this time on my way to Masjid Haram i noticed more than 15 people looking for some thing in wheat grains on ground. The quantity of food(grains) on the ground was also increased.It looked really strange that instead of pigeons there were humans doing the pigeons job. It made me anxious enough to go and ask one of the lady who appeared to be collecting some specific type of grains from the ground. she was an elderly woman from India . I asked her in Urdu about what she is doing and why is she doing this? she replied that , "Its said that, if a woman is having trouble bearing a child, she should eat 7 or 11 grains that are still in chaff from the ground where pigeons feed in Makkah." Guessing from her age she must be collecting it for her Daughter in Law may be.As only few grain were in the chaff the rest were refined, separated ones, so thats why it seemed like they were collecting something beside the grains, only may be 1 percent grains were with chaff or husk.  I was surprised there were so many men also collecting it so i asked a man nearby the same question. He was also an old man with a beard and i think he was from the north western Pakistan, he replied, "Its said that, if one has a wish that is not coming true, he/she should collect 7 or 11 grains that are still in chaff from the ground where pigeons feed in Makkah, and make a pact that if my wish comes true i will feed the collected grains back to Pigeon. " I asked him who told him this, "a guy collecting grains here earlier" he replied quickly and then again started looking for the required grain.

While i was standing there a woman i think from India came and sat down beside one lady who was tieing the collected grains into a knot in her scarf , both above 60 years of age.She asked the one sitting there earlier about what was she doing, she explained her the story which the old man told me, than the lady who asked earlier took a hand full of grains from the ground and put them in a bag, she then told the first woman that she will take these home and will mix with the grains she had in home and will give this to her children with every meal. The first lady said in disapproval that this is of no use, the one with husk/chaff are to be eaten only and thus are benficial. But the other lady insisted that as she got these grains from meccan ground so these grains are blessed and also she has plenty of grains at home but these are the special blessed ones.

In the mean while another lady inquired the same and after hearing the story started collecting the grains, she was not having any luck finding the one with husk/chaff so she asked the first lady in above conversation what to do. The reply was to buy some new packs throw them on the ground and collect from those.

I noticed that 99 percent of people collecting Pigeon grains heard it on the spot and sat down to collect for theirselves, no boby even tried to validate or even question this claim that these grains are blessed and help in the fulfilment of ones wishes. All of them were pilgrims either from Africa, or South Asia and especially ones from Pakistan and India were illiterate and from remote villages or towns. I realized that these Muslims who represent the majority of Muslim nation are so vulnerable when it comes to the belief system of Islam.  My problem with this whole pratice and situation was not what these people were doing, but why they were doing this. I mean thinking grains are blessed and feeding pigeons is holy is one problem, but the main problem is 90 percent of them believed what a complete stranger told them and even they spread the word. It took a month for this practice to reach from one woman to some dozen people from different countries, Imagine how fast it will spread if people continue this practise of blind trust. We need to educate our people to question the source and to make sure if the source is credible or not ,when they are told something new about islam and then to question the material whether it contradicts with the core teachings of islam or not. I know i am equally guilty of not educating and stopping those people from doing and believing such a thing, but i am trying to create an awareness through my blog. We need to have an organization at a government level to educate our people for such matters.Most people see it as harmless and states that there is no loss in this scenario but i would like them to know that god is the one who grants wishes and if the wish is to be granted, it will be granted no matter what. But to think that collecting and eating these grains will do them any good or help fulfil their desires, is a form of Shirk which destroys any good deeds a person may have done, no matter how great or numerous. I was saddened to see that these people who have the chance to be at the most blessed place on earth with perfect timings for acceptance(Arafat ground during Hajj) and all they had to do was to raise their hands and beg to god for whatever they desire, yet they still rely on some pigeon feed.
This is another factor which is holding Muslim nation back, rest of the world is relying on the power of science and technology to conquer Space, Sun, Moon and Earth , whereas Muslims are still waiting for pigeon feed to change their lives.

All above mentioned is my personal observation and If you know more about this practise just letme know, or if you think i am wrong somewhere just enlighten me with your comments.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Enjoy below some pictures i took from my cell phone during Hajj.
Mina the tent city

Inside our tent in Mina . The tent was fire proof with desert cooler and power supply

My Id for Hajj

Our tent in Arafat

Our tent in Arafat

staying under open sky in Muzdalifah

The Jamarat Complex, In Picture is the Big Jamarat

Railway Station Mina 1

There are total nine station throughout Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina

Railway stations are built on a height, view from the railway station

Inside the Metro

Hajj 2010

I am back from Hajj, Alhamdulillah every thing went fine and thanx to the new Hajj Metro service the effort is decreased by 50%. I have so much to discuss and share that i dont know from where to begin. Inshallah in a day or two i will start compiling . So keep visiting

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hajj 2010

By the grace of god i am going for Hajj this year. Pilgrims from all over the world have started to arrive in Makkah. Please enjoy pictures below taken recently in Makkah. The crowd is huge and the people in the crowd are from different backgrounds and countries. I will do detail articles about my experience in Makkah (before Hajj), Madina and Hajj. So keep on visiting my blog for the detailed coverage but for now check out the pictures below:

enlarge the pictures by clicking on them