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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama or Obama

Osama’s Dead…….

What does that mean to us being a Muslim?
Every one since 2 days has the same discussion, some say it’s a hoax, some say its Obama’s strategy for upcoming election, and some say it’s true, for some it was ISI hiding him. It’s big news especially for

Americans and Pakistani, but being a Muslim what does this news mean?

Should I be happy, sad or simply ignore it.

 It’s a very grey domain especially for me because being a Muslim when I turn to Islamic scholars I get no

President Obama and his team

proper guidance, for Ulemas and Sheikhs sponsored by government he was a terrorist, a figure that tarnished the image of Islam, some one who interpreted the Hadiths wrongly, and used Quranic ayats for his own benefits. But then when you turn to Anti-Government and Anti-West Ulemas, he was a holy warrior, the true leader of Muslims, he was the true representative of Muslims who are suffering in the world like Palestine, Kashmir e.t.c.

Both parties use Islamic references Hadiths, Ayats, Stories of Sahabas and early Islamic leaders and warriors.

If Islam is a true religion and is for all the time and worlds, no matter how modern or backward the era gets, then why do we have these contradictions.

Where is the problem?

Why can’t I decide to be Happy, Sad or even ignore it?

Because, if I will be happy, that would mean the victory of western media, ideology and victory of the concept that what ever they say is true , what ever the western media is injecting into our minds is true and we should believe it with a close eye. Why I think that is because he was never trialed, prosecuted and he denied planning it several times. Watching movies like loose change and Fahrenheit 9/11 makes me believe that it’s an inside Job.

People celeberating Death of Osama in U.S.A

If I will be sad over his assassination then I feel like betraying millions of innocent lives (whether they were Christians or Muslims) that were lost during these 10 years. Also it would mean that I approve of his ways or methodologies to fight a war. There are so many practices associated with him that I simply cannot approve or accept in my life.

Or if I will ignore it, my inner self will not be at ease, thinking that I am a fool who is not aware of the tricks being played on him, for example, there is a possibility that he was CIA trained Agent who was assigned this task to create such circumstances to control Pakistani politics and nuclear assets, as Israel consider any strong, armed Muslim state to be a threat. America has played the same strategy with Russia and has used CIA trained Osama; America could use him again against Pakistan. But again these are all theories. No proof just theories of minds. Some people see glass half full, some see it half empty.

What is this confusion doing to Muslim world?

This confusion is causing Muslims to divide, Now Muslim world is divided into three groups, happy, sad and don’t care.

Now what will happen (which is the most dangerous out come of this confusion) is that these groups will try to fight with each other with all possible means they have, to impose and prove their ideology? You will see more talk shows with in intelligent educated groups, more suicide bombing and killing of innocent Muslims with in, already fragile, Muslim countries, and more protests. Intense increase in differences with in different sects of Islam, who are already fighting and are away from each other, in one way or the other.

And every Muslim is supposed to look up to Islam for an answer, as Islam is a religion for every time, era and situation.  Islam does guide us as mentioned in the below Quranic verse.

“And hold tight to the rope of Allah and divide not,” [Ale-Imran: 103],

No matter what the situation is, no matter how confuse you are. You should always remember one

Circled Red is young Osama Bin Laden in U.S.A
thing we all are Muslims, no matter what our sect, race, country and culture is, we must never go against our other Muslim brother. We always have to stay united. And Muslim Uma should never let any external force, to apply “divide and conquer” rule on us.

And in this time of confusion, I appeal to all Muslims Ulemas, sheikhs and people with influence, no matter you are anti government, pro government, moderate , Happy, Sad or don’t Care, to focus on and preach the unity among Muslims and try not to divide them in any way or sense.

And only time (or Wikileak J ) will tell, in future whether we should be happy, sad or just ignore it.


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